go with it

Okay, this is not what I had planned to post today (may do that later?) but I'm feeling it, so I'm just going to go with it. Sooooo out of character, I know. Here's the deal. We've had a really sweet day today. I wanted to take just a minute and list for you some very simple things that made it just right. I'd love it if you'd comment if you had something so simple touch your today - maybe it will inspire my tomorrow! 
1. Laundry is done!!! Folded and put away!!!
2. Sheets are clean. Floors are clean.
3. The tastiest green grapes EVER from our co-op share today.
4. Cucumber-lime aguas frescas to cool down on this hot Texas day.
5. Impromptu afternoon tea (snack) on the lawn (under the fort) or as AJ says "al fresco."
Now, you go!
(If you need some encouragement, try streaming Jes Karper. He always picks me right up!)