going home

The girls and I spent the past week in Arkansas with my family. After a long work week, David joined us for the holiday weekend. Going home is always bittersweet. Logistically, it is very hard to prep for a week away from our own home and to travel (alone) with the girls. It always takes a day or two to get over the drive and usually by the time we're over it, it's time to come home to Texas. This time we spent a week, so that adjustment wasn't the big one (it's getting little Leila to go to bed now that we're home). Things are definitely looking different around the place we call home. Brady and Bryan have been married for nearly 2 months, have new jobs in a new city and are buying a house! Britt has just bought a house in a new town and has, ahem, a new friend. Mama and Daddy and doggy Jack are quietly pushing on in what seems a very different place, though it's not changed in years.
Adjustment, change, home. Growing, loving, home.

Every day is a journey, and the journey itself is home.

(Quote-Matsuo Basho, Photo by Brady Barnes McDuffie)