it's complicated

Perhaps my favorite way to pass the little bit of "me" time I have is to do, um, extensive online research on whatever it is that might spark my interest that day. Mother thinks I have a real problem (it's possible). Friends think that in all of my efforts to research (the perfect jog stroller?) I get lost in the chase and never actually get around to committing. To anything. Definitely true. (Aside: I've still not decided on the perfect new jog stroller. That's okay because Aubrey has outgrown a double anyway and we are back to using the old comfortable one. I'm not really a fan of change, either, but that's a story for another day.)

SOOO, I'm dedicating Friday's to my current "link loves." I'm not limiting myself by any parameters regarding subject matter - just whatever I'm into that week, so things may get pretty CRAZY (You know me). So, from now on, you can most likely count Fridays at My Blue Canoe as a time to relax and lazily check out something I love - just for fun. Let's ride...

David and I finally watched "It's Complicated." I LOVED it. I must agree that the warnings that the movie was a bit "mature" in more ways than one were right on, but I laughed OUT LOUD through the whole thing. Most of you know that with my dry sense of humor that's pretty high praise (raise your smile on a stick here). What I liked most about the movie though was the place Jane called home. I think it might be my perfect "big girl house." I did a little poking around to find some images to share with you and discovered that I'm not the only one who admires the work of writer and director, Nancy Meyers. It seems that through her films (mostly chic flicks) she's portrayed each home as  somewhat of a character in and of itself. Simple, relaxed, beautiful, perfect. Since I know I won't be able to come up with much original dialogue, I'll just share some links to some stunning images. Click your poison and enjoy!


  1. I just watched this movie Thursday night. I totally agree, and I laughed out loud as well. It was so good. Not only was the house beautiful, but the food looked awesome as well. I'm sure the double choclate cake was awesome, even without having (mature content) first :)


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