must. change. attitude.

Happy Real Life Monday. It's been one here. We've done 7 loads of laundry and we're still not done. That tells you a little a little about our last week. I tore this little gem to the left from a Mary Engelbreit magazine long ago and it has been on the side of my fridge, gently nudging me, for years. And so I'm starting afresh today. Trying again. Picking up my paddle. Care to join me?  The beauty in today is that I have two precious little willing helpers and a brand new FRONT LOADING washer and dryer. Moving clothes from washer to dryer is so much fun, it DID entertain the girls for about 7 minutes. 7 different times today!

Now that I've started, let's see if I can come up with some other happies from the past few days..... not so hard, right! Our sweet AJ had her first sleep over company on Friday night. Her darling cousin, Jane, was the perfect guest. And we did it up right. Bouncing, twirling, giggling, makeuping, nail painting, hair painting (what?), late night princess movie watching, popcorn eating, whatever - lots of junk food eating, sleeping bag sleeping, water park splashing, sweet secret telling, and just loving being together! Remember that? Precious!

And it gets better! We had to go to WalMart today (because the diapers we bought there yesterday had already been opened and I had to exchange them for some that were - I don't know - sterile) and guess what they have??? SCHOOL SUPPLIES!!! I don't know if it's the hopeless academic in me or the former school teacher but I LOVE a good mechanical pencil and a fresh notebook. Look at this beauty! She even has nifty dividers and pockets for my stuff! So now I'm going to say nite nite to you so I can open her up and start making a list! Life is good!


  1. I just love how that little girl looks just like you. Not that I've seen you frown!! Haha! Got my first smile for the Monday from you, so your new attitude works! And, I LOVE your new notepad, might need to go get one myself. Peace, my friend!

  2. hey keh-rehn. you know i've loved her for a long time. she IS me. down to the very strange outfit. you know i'm always packin' my smile on a stick. seriously cute stuff @ walmart. $2.50 for that notebook. binders, planners, PENCIL CASES. the whole bit. i love it!!!


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