sweet home

It's no secret I should have been born on the beach. I am by definition a bum. And in my day I've seen many very beautiful beaches, but only one will always be my second home.  Who'm I kidding - I not so secretly hope one day it WILL be my home. If Davey would have it, I'd pack these girls up today and move us right down there, tar balls and all. That's right baby. Good ole L.A. (Lower Alabama). I know some may think it's not the classiest joint for a holiday but my family has been enjoying these beautiful beaches, blue water, and laid back lifestyle annually since the 1950s! Who am I to buck tradition? I thought for today's LinkLove, I'd pay tribute to some fantastic gifts Gulf Shores, Ala has given us over the years.

RIP Old Family Favorites:
Calloway Grocery on the Lagoon
Mimi's at Bon Secour
Perdido Pass
The Back Porch
The Cotton Patch
The Friendship House
The Red Lake
The Spot