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So normally on Saturdays I try to tell you about something fun that's local to us, or wherever we might be. This week - it's something we all can enjoy! Rita's is something that's been around a while, but is pretty new to Texas. There are only a few in the DFW area and we have to drive quite a way to get to one, but we always make it a stop if we are that way for another reason and it is soooooo worth it! David's favorite treat is the Mango Vanilla Gelati. I've recently become a huge fan of the cotton candy vanilla gelati, too. For those of us who are concerned with our waistlines, they offer the Slenderita and sugar free ices, so no excuses! Just click the shiny logo above to find a Rita's near you or to plan a stop on your next road trip. You'll thank me for it!


  1. Amy Huffman BoyceJuly 18, 2010 at 5:15 PM

    Oh Julia, I'm so glad you featured Rita's, as it brought back great memories of getting an incredibly yummy cool treat with Natalie on one of those incredibly HOT Dallas afternoons (thanks to David's free coupons) after I had just picked up my new car. Great afteroon!


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