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Yes, I know it's Wednesday, but you're getting some words. Yesterday's Making Home. I learned at an early age (from mother) to make a list of what you planned to eat for dinner for the week, but recently I've taken that a step further. I've started taking a little time on Sunday afternoons to plan out just about everything we will eat for the week. I then immediately make my grocery list and do my shopping while Davey's around to help with the girls. So far, it's working quite well. Although, I've learned I'm not the only one who thinks shopping on Sunday afternoon is a good idea as I think there are more people in the grocery at that time than any other. Anyway, I wanted to share with you a neat site I've found with lots of nifty charts and forms for home organization.  Now, I'm not so ambitious as to have used any of their other tools, but in my current endeavor to clean up our family's eating habits, this has been a huge help (not that this week's actual menu is any indication of that!).  So click on my form to the right to get a blank one to try for yourself. It can save you time, money, calories, headache, argument (I mean discussion) and make for a happy family! It's worth a try!!!

Now, another thing I learned from mother. How to cook, for the masses, the night before my wedding (family joke here). Notice that on Monday this week, our LITTLE family enjoyed a fabulous dinner of "Chicken Spectacular." I'm not a huge casserole fan. Too labor (and calorie) intensive, but my Davey is and the girls sure seem to gobble them right up. Here's the problem. The recipes for these things make a TON of food. When we first married,  I tried to half the recipes, but still too much food -

and oh, the math and the waste! So here's my solution. I only do casserole days about once a month and I rotate our favorites (Chicken Spectacular, Lasagna, King Ranch Chicken... would love some suggestions???). On the days that I make them, I make the whole recipe. I buy a 3 pan set of those foil square cake pans. I divide the recipe into 3 equal casseroles. I cover 2 (with no topping) and mark them with what they are and the date. I cover the other with cheese or crushed whatever and put it in the 350 degree oven for 30-35 minutes. Now what to do with those other two? 1. Usually I stick one (sometimes both) in the freezer for a quick meal later in the month. I can rotate them with the others I've frozen on the other days, so we always a variety. Just top with cheese or crushed whatever and put it in the 350 degree oven for 30-35 minutes. 2. You know there is always a family you want to serve or bless in a time that is special or tough (a loss, a new baby, a sick mama, a hospitalization, etc.) This is an easy way to serve with out adding a lot of work to your day, just grab a crusty loaf and a box of greens (maybe a half gallon of Blue Bell) and knock on their door. It's so easy to make someone's day!


  1. Thank you so much for this. My bunco group and I were just discussing this last night. You are a super woman!!!

  2. I've always thought YOU were the super woman! I'm a STRUGGLING woman. One who likes to share, LOUDLY, when I find something that works! Now, I'd like it if you'd share with me something that works for you, superwoman. I can't seem to get off my hiney, since baby numero uno. It's becoming a rather um "large" problem. Would you care to "weigh" in? For the sake of my pride, it would probably be best if you'd do so in a place a little less public... if anyone else has something to say, I would welcome that, just not in front of everyone if you don't mind. I'm trying hard to be authentic and transparent, but do I have to put it ALL out there? LOL.


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