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According to my "blogger stats" there are over 40 of you that have started checking in with me daily in the past month. SO FUN!!! (And many more that check in throughout the week.) Although I know most of you (or have known you in a previous life), I thought I'd take a minute today to share with you a little bit about what's going on here. This isn't the "about me" stuff but more they "what the heck I am doing" bit. This blog was actually started by a dear friend and journalist, who happens to share our little Aubrey's name, right after her birth as a way for me to "easily" share pictures with my family and friends back in Arkansas. At that stage, I was super overwhelmed with being a new mommy and with all of this technology stuff. I would just spend one Saturday afternoon every quarter or so and load a ton of photos with limited commentary and call that a day. Over the past few years, I've played around some with blog formatting and widgets and layouts (blah, blah, blah), but what I've really grown to love through this whole process is photography. Specifically children's photography. Somewhere along the line I've grown this tiny little side gig spending time with other people's children and producing beautiful photos for them! So naturally I had to set up a different little blog for that. But back to this site. My Blue Canoe is somewhat of a recent development. I've been through a rather long adjustment period since little Leila arrived. I mostly paid attention to the girls and to keeping my head above water and had seemingly lost touch of so much of what makes me who I am. I wanted so desperately to be that creative spirit again and to soak in the beauty that is this life, MY life, not just watch it go by. I decided to hop in my canoe and just start paddlin' .... and I'm so glad you've decided to join me on the ride. It may seem that My Blue Canoe is all over the place and lacks direction. From a writers view point, perhaps that is so. But I'm not a writer. (I did study writing and even taught it for a while, but can't say I ever mastered it). For the most part, this is just a place for me to jot a lot of random things down. It is here that I will tell my girls' cute stories of the week, share a favorite recipe or an awesome new restaurant, ramble on about my favorite song or book, tell about the fabulous ____ I spent hours researching online, pass on words of wisdom from other blogger friends, hook you up with our favorite travel secrets or sometimes even work through something a little more serious. So that's it. It may not always be cool or pretty, but it is what it is. It's my space. If nothing else, it will make a great scrapbook for my girls someday (seeming as I can't even seem to get Aubrey's first year done). That being said, I would love to hear more about you, about those things that you just can't wait to tell the world about, or those things that you just can't tell anyone about. Eventually, my hope is that My Blue Canoe becomes a space where we can all hang out (I love comments!), a community where we all feel comfortable to share (comments, please) and learn (I am the ultimate knowledge seeker) and be what we really are (to be the best that we can, but to be gracious in our mistakes and in the mistakes of others.) Okay, how's that for serious? Just knowing that you are checking in is such an encouragement to me! Thanks so much for lovin' on our family. I am so excited to get to know yours. Let's ride...


  1. Julia, I'm so glad I stumbled upon your blog. You are so creative and I love reading your thoughts!

  2. Hi Julia! I'm just wading through my emails after months of being in and out of town....and in and out again, and I saw the new address! I love that you and David are back on line, sharing you family, and your stories! I'm definitely linking you up to my blog so I can follow along. I'm glad David married a gal that would keep us all posted! :O) I completely get where you are coming from as far as random post! I started a blog years ago along with a group of friends....it was a way for me to share with all the friends that scattered all over the world, as they shared back. Most of them fell off the face of the blogging world. It got lonely. I got...ummm creative? Crazy? Not sure what it is...I'm even LESS sure of my purpose for blogging, it seems to have moved to my cooking and crafting journal at this point, with a side of travel and Dallas thrown in....and like you, I've really just learned to love photography, though I've yet to commit myself to doing more than casual playing around. Congrats again on both your sweet girls, looking forward to paddling along!


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