beauty and the beast

Before David and I left on our trip, Aubrey and I were able to have the most awesome afternoon out on the town. We went to the brand new home of The Dallas Opera, The Winspear Opera House, to see the Dallas Summer Musicals production of Beauty and the Beast. Most of you know that I am a big time musical theater nerd and now I have a buddy to drag along with me! Yay! (Actually, we made this one a group thing as Nana treated all of the cousins and mommies/aunts.) We are so lucky to live in a place where music and art of all kinds are so accessible and easily shared with our children. If you don't already take advantage of these things, start now! Back to the show, my favorite number was the "Be our Guest" with the dancing plates! So fun!!! Couldn't find a good clip for you, but did find a gem from the 1992 Oscars, where Jerry Orbach himself serves it up. Enjoy!