getting back to good

Let me just warn you 
that going from this 
to this
or this
in a period of less than 48 hours 
can deliver quite a shock to the system!

The girls and I spent the day trying to figure out what normal means again.... mostly home management stuff. We planned our meals for the week, made our grocery list, picked up co-op, washed and put away produce (does anyone actually know how to get spinach clean? Davey refuses the grit), shopped for and put away other groceries, and made a delicious dinner.... back to, well, good enough. Despite the heat, we got some pretty happy playtime in, too. Not to toot my own horn, BUT... After having taken quite a long break, during which I did absolutely nothing, it amazes me how much I actually DO EVERY DAY. Props to all of you SAHMs and SAHDs, wives and hubbies, home managers and keep-it-togetherers... Thanks for keeping everyone happy :)

BTW These are iPhone photos... hence the quality. You get the point!