i love my library card

It likely comes as no surprise that we read a lot around here. The Mr. and I both could be accused of being book hoarders collectors and I so hope that our girls will continue to love books as much as they do now and maybe as much as we do as adults. Honestly I just hope that books won't be obsolete before they become adults. In keeping with my "skimpy" personality, we use my library card a lot. It fuels a large part of resource stash for this blog while providing a consistent source of entertainment as well.
What makes the Dallas Public Library so great is that it's not just a quiet place full of stinky old books. It's a place where we can meet friends, make art, climb on sculpture, listen to music and join in the song, play in the parks, put our feet on the furniture and roll in the floors, touch the computers and play games just for us, do yoga and meet famous people (locally anyway), of course there are storytimes and music times and mommy and me this and thats, too. Not only can we check out books, but we can grab cds to try out the tunes before committing (important with little ones), movies (yes, disney AND pixar) and kids show series on dvd, and even fancy stuff like software, "your baby can read," and "muzzy." we've tried it all. We're there at least once a week for one reason or another. Perhaps my favorite feature of the DPL is that the entire catalog is online and networked and they even have a separate kid's catalog. It is super simple for me to search online for a certain book, find it at another branch, request it be delivered to my library and pick it up in a couple of days. I can even recheck everything on my account to avoid fines and return all items at any branch. It is soooooo convenient.  If you're a Dallasite and you don't take advantage of this free and wonderful resource (with or without kids - yes, it's like a FREE Netflix) - shame, shame, shame!


  1. My friend did the math!!! The DPL saves her family $533 per week!!!


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