First up, if you're a Dallasite and you don't read SideDish, or at least haven't checked it out, you should. Such a fun place to catch up on what's going on in the world of foodies around town. But more importantly for the Dude, looks like some confirmed news has gone public! Double-doubles are on their way to Texas! In-N-Out Burgers has long had a cult like following on the West Coast, now we can eat greasy burgers  just like the movie stars! Although we're pretty excited about this fun news, my money says for this house, nothing will ever replace Burger House.


  1. i had in-n-out for the first time in vegas after dave told us we had to go there. have to say i was impressed...pretty good. but then again, it's not like dave likes or suggests bad restaurants.

  2. or like z would eat bad food.... so glad you had such an awesome trip!


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