proverbs 31

Well, the "new year" is upon us. I've been busy cleaning out, straitening up, spit shining, you know the drill... getting ready to get started. In doing so, I've found the place that needs the most work is hitting really close to home. My prayer is that I will be joyfully obedient and sense a renewed energy in both caring for my family and BEING ME! Here's the short list:
The Heart of the Homemaker
  • I will get up before my family, in order to prepare myself spiritually and physically.
  • I will prepare breakfast for my family and sit with them while they eat.
  • I will work diligently to send every member of my family off in a good mood.
  • I will consult my husband every day to see if there is anything special he wants me to do for him.
  • I will keep a neat and orderly home.
  • I will respond positively.
  • I will meet my husband’s needs.
  • I will put my husband before my children.
  • I will personally meet and greet each family member as he or she returns home.
  • I will be predictibly happy.
  • I will prepare special, good food for my family.
  • I will make dinner a special time.
  • I will grow DAILY in the areas of Lord, marriage, family, and homemaking.
This is another one of those lists that is just gross because it has lived on my fridge for quite some time. I borrowed it from one of my frequently read blogs of an online mentor/friend, Sara, who is undoubtedly one of the coolest people God has ever made (just check her out, you'll see why I adore her). Here she talks more in depth about Proverbs 31.  And I recommend if you've not already read it, you should definitely check out A Woman After God’s Own Heart by Elizabeth George.

What things are you doing to prepare your children, your home, yourself for the coming school year? I would love any tips you have that really work for your family!


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