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How do you get yours? It's all the buzz - Five a day for kids. Five a day the color way. Fruits and Veggies - More Matters.  
We love our co-op!
Your Health Source 
provides certified organic 
produce and so much more to co-op communities around the metroplex, the state, and even further. I joined for simple reasons. I grew up in rural Arkansas. I was accustomed to fresh, seasonal veggies grown by my grandmothers. I enjoy them. I crave them. I missed them. I sought out a co-op provider, we formed our little group, and the rest is history. The reasons to love it abound! Health. Foodie gourmet - yum. It's fun! The girls like it. Neat community! Variety and boundary pushing. Big time money saver... the list goes on. What I REALLY love is that this actually seems to be trendy or cool these days. There are so many ways to get your colors in and have fun doing it! If you're not already a part of something that gets you and your family excited about the food God has given us, check out these links to some pretty amazing options near by...
and let me know how YOU have fun with it...  
Co-ops + CSAs 
Organic + Local Produce

I coordinate our local group, so please contact me with any questions. I'd love to get you plugged in to a group or for you to join our little co-op community!

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