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Well, friends. Looks like I've found myself in a season of change again. I just can't seem to get comfy. Every time I think I have our routine licked it seems to crumble all around me. The past few weeks I've just been generally unsatisfied and irritated with the whole thing (pretty much life in general to be honest). The girls are bored. I can't get anything done - nothing. That leads to unhappy everyone and so on...

So in effort to exert less effort (lazy?) and quit paddling so darn much, I've decided to let go of the rigid schedule I've tried to follow in "training" my girls at home for the past few years - we're gonna ride. BUT, you know me. I can't do it without a list. I have a new, much looser, form to follow. I have assigned certain broad categories to each day to help me keep focused and will just jot down more specific "to do's" for the week on the day I need them done. That leaves my day to be formed a little more organically around the needs of my family and friends. My goal is a more holistic approach to my role as homemaker. My prayer is that I will embrace my role as homemaker as my ministry, and minister first to my husband, my children and my SELF - including taking the time to bless the home we live in so that it can be a blessing to our family. My hope is that those things and the blessing of time with friends will be blessed and fill our time and our hearts with joy - and that I will stop seeking whatever it is that I am seeking in all of the extra junk that I seem to waste our time doing. Can I get a woop-woop? Sorry, but I think I'm on a "NO" kick again...

Okay, now for what you're really after. The nifty chart I'm using is from The Project Girl. I'm sure many of you have some suggestions here, so PLEASE... let's here them. I've made some tweaks - I added the top line and bottom line with the "daily areas" and the meal planning section, then scanned it in. That way I don't have to re-write every week. Just print and jot (preferably in pencil). And since I've been menu planning for quite some time, this works for me. Some may still need more space for that. Do what works for you - and SHARE what works for you. We need your great ideas. I also revisited the Fly Lady, whom I had not seen in ages and let me just say, my sink is SHINY!!! If you don't know this Fly Lady, you mustn't waste any time. Her site will also give you insight into my daily headings for the week. Off I go to clean a closet (I would have NEVER had time for that on last month's schedule!). 


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