in the midst of the mess

"I beg grace for other mothers I know with children to tend to and books to work through and houses to clean and husbands to adore. May truths drip like honey from their lips; may they humble themselves when frustration wells up; may they give thanks in the midst of the mess."Ann Voskamp

I'm completely and totally behind on everything. While trying to relax and watch the game I played a little catch up with my blog reader. When reading A Holy Experience, I found this post was written just for me. Funny thing is, this isn't the first time God has done this this week. Earlier I got an email of encouragement from a friend including this goodie, which happened to be written by a mom of one of the girl's classmates. The two didn't even know each other. Just a "blog" thing. Small world. Needless to say, I will be actively seeking the wisdom and fellowship of this new sweet friend. Since Ann Voskamp's plea for grace on my behalf seemed to reach me through the blogosphere, I thought the least I could do is pass that plea on to my fellow mommy friends. Paddle on. (And if this is so not for you, please pray it for me.)