say cheese... and cheetos

So it seems I have one picky eater and one not so much. This week, they have both been sick, so it has been a little more challenging than usual. So for today, not my usual Friday post. (Like I ever stick to that schedule thing anymore anyway.) A super cute pic of my sweeties chef-ing up some dinner in their tutus, and a plea to all you mamas out there - for some kid friendly meal ideas. You don't have to impress the world. Just those things that work. You know, the Vienna sausages, American cheese and cheeto kinds of things. We all turned out GREAT! I just want them to eat the meals I put in front of them (whatever that may be), so I don't hear "Mommy, I'm hungry" ALL DAY LONG. Bring on the comments, I beg you. Happy weekend!


  1. Here are some of our favorite fall lunches....grilled turkey and cheese sandwiches (I make these in a panini press, so it's so easy), turkey dogs wrapped in crescent rolls or breadstick (sometimes I cut a slit in the dog and put some cheese in it before wrapping them up and baking) and quiche (I just fill a pie crust with a mixture of eggs, milk, cheese and shredded spinach and bake). I usually serve all of these things with fruit and a steamed veggie. A snack with love is greek churned yogurt mixed with some honey and almonds....yummmmm!

  2. thanks shannon. have tried all ideas and all have been well received :)

  3. Easiest chicken pot pie EVAH.
    (2 out of 3 kids eat this over here. And I'm planning on doing this with Thanksgiving leftovers.)

    Premade pie crust (I like store brands better than Pillsbury)

    One "cream of something" soup (I like cream of potato or celery best) Depending on amount of filling might want another 1/2 a can.

    Cooked chicken (leftovers or pulled off a rotisserie chicken)

    Frozen, mixed veg (zap in the microwave to take the chill off, but no need to cook fully). Or just peas/carrots and corn. The mixed veg at the stores always have little green beans which I don't care for in my pot pie.

    Arrange pie crust in pan. Mix the stuff. Pour into pie pan. Cover with second pie crust. Crimp edges and cut a few vents in top crust.

    Bake at 400 degrees about 30 minutes or so. Cover edges with foil if needed to prevent burning.

    If you use a rotisserie chicken, you'll have enough filling for one large pie, or two modestly sized pies -- great for when bringing food to moms with newborns (one for them, one for you).


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