our jesse tree journey

From looking at the last few posts and the lapse of space between the last post and now, I must admit I've let the hype of the season creep in. Luckily I caught it in time to turn my mindset around before it got to far out of line. It's long been a tradition in my family to celebrate the advent season. From my earliest memories, my parents would gather us into their laps each night, light the pink and purple candles,  and share with us the stories of God's plan to send Jesus and His love for us. I was thrilled to learn that Ann Voskamp of Holy Experience (a long time daily read and source of encouragement) had gifted to all a guide for celebrating advent. This year, our family is using this as our guide. We will be adding our own twist by making our own ornaments just to keep the little ones interested. I hope you will share with the rest of us those Christmas traditions you treasure.