there it goes

December is always a whirlwind for me (as if it's not for everyone). Canton's "first Monday." 2 ballet performances for our sweet big girl. A carriage ride through town to look at Christmas lights. Our girls' first trip to see the Nutcracker. A couple of kiddie birthday parties. A night on the town with Mr. Grinch. A big people birthday dinner. The D+J-combo birthday weekend. A couple of Christmas parties and daytime festivities and sadly many "regrets" already. And, it's only the 13th! Just rambling to remind all not to forget to take time to enjoy what is important. I just spent a few extra minutes cuddling tight and giggling with my girls. They are pure sunshine.


  1. Yes, MUST make time to cuddling tight and giggling with the girls. Ahhh...all is well now. Julia, I absolutely LOVE those matching dresses. So cute! Merry Christmas to the Shelton family.


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