happy spring

Hi. I'm Julia and I'm an approval addict. It's been a life-long thing for me and it's something I'm working on lately. So, you're choosing to BLOG about it? Not exactly. I just thought that I'd try to be as transparent with you as possible.  It seems throughout my days I've tried many things. However, I never seem to have the patience and follow-through to get really good at much of anything... I just seem to get "passionately average" about too many things (music, photography, gardening, cooking, tennis...). The irony is, I learn so many wonderful life lessons from my "so-so" dabblings in all of these fun things that I REALLY want to share with my friends, but my people-pleasing nature makes me feel that I'm inadequate to pass on these tips. So, I clam up, and I leave this little blog (that I am also SO passionate about) lonely and photo-less, blah, blah, blah.... you get where I'm going now. So, I'm giving myself a fresh start. From now on, this blog will never be perfect before it "goes live." It will always "be," just like I am (whether or not I like it), a "work in progress." Please take time to look around when you are here. I have some changes in mind and I am making them little by little. I have already started a pretty thorough spring cleaning of the page and this week I hope to get some photos up for you all. If you have any suggestions for me, please comment - I would really LOVE the help! Many thanks for suffering through! 


  1. I know how you feel! Your on the right track just share, no apologies. Who you are is totally unique. There is no one else with the hodge podge of experiences you have had. It's OK. We are not any of us perfect. We all have something to give. You have---"be strong and courageous for I have many people in this city," many others to share with.

  2. Hi Karen, Thanks for reading and commenting with such encouragement!

  3. I can so relate to how you feel, Julia! I have issues with follow through on many of my passions and interests. I find that the more pressure I put on myself to wait until I have perfected whatever it is, the less I accomplish, because I become defeated before I even truly get started. I am realizing that I must still persue those passions and interests, and be vulnerable to others, so that I can learn and grow and become more perfect in HIS sight. Thanks for being so transparent.


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