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Well, It seems J's got a lot to share this week. Those of you who are around me "irl" know that I'm finally getting my groove back, so y'all better hang on! I've just been extremely encouraged lately - by friends, family, church, even online.... so I guess I feel like it's my duty to pass it on, yo ~ In a great Mother's Day sermon, our pastor challenged parents and grandparents in our community to leave a legacy for our children by daily "living a legacy of faith." This is not something that should be hard for us to do, but that should just become second nature, to live an authentic, active faith. I think for so many of us who grew up in the good 'ole "Bible Belt" this can be something that is almost foreign and anything but approachable, because we were encouraged to do things perfectly and by the book - so the authenticity is not something we know much about and the "active" part kind of falls by the wayside by default - we feel like we need to do it perfectly or not it all, no? WRONG! (remember those gifts from God - grace, mercy...) My challenge to you this week is to take the time to talk with your spouse, partner, parents, and those who are in community with you in raising your precious children. Let's talk this out and make a plan. What do we really want our children to leave home with? Now let's put it into action - Let's live out that plan! A great place to start is 2 Timothy 1, where we are given a great example of a sincere and active faith that is passed on! Whatever we value will be picked up by our kiddos - let's make sure it's what we want them to carry on! Happy days....


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