TRUE BEAUTY, let me hear it... talk amongst yourselves

Something I struggle with personally, as many of us have - I thought this video was a pretty powerful when it came across my dash. In prepping my big girl (and myself) to head to kinder in the fall, I know we'll no longer be in that "bubble" of her daddy and I have created for her (thank you, loving friends). My plan is to continue to fill her with the knowledge of God's love for her through scripture and the good stuff so she'll be armed to fight any self-esteem battles that come her way and that hopefully those tough words of others won't hurt so bad. What you got?


  1. Girl, this video made me cry. The video almost makes me feel helpless in protecting my girls. I don't even know where to begin. I do know you have at least one more year to have her in a semi-bubble. Isabella is just now finishing her K. year and both boys and girls have no body image concepts yet. There is a little girl in her class who has a disease where she is losing all of her hair. Not one boy or girl has made fun of her. They don't see her as different. She is just one of the gang. I love it! When does the mean girl thing start? I've heard 2nd and 3rd grade. It breaks my heart to think about it. I tell my girls as often as I can how beautiful they are, inside and out. Their daddy makes a point to tell them often too how beautiful he thinks they are. We don't do this so they will be concided but only so that it will be so instilled in them that they will be confident in themselves when the day comes that someone cuts them down. And sadly I know that day will come.

  2. Wow - this is a great video, and a great reminder to parents of girls. It is amazing how quickly the bubble bursts, even in a "safe" Catholic school environment. I remember being at a pizza party after soccer season when Sara was little, and one girl telling another she was going to be fat if she ate more pizza. I think they were in 1st or 2nd grade and had start talking about "healthy" eating in PE. Unfortunately, their little minds grasp certain concepts, but not the whole picture. 5th grade is tough, but I am trying to teach her balance in everything. I know I struggle with it, though! And I have some tough competition as noted in the video!


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