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Thanks to Shannon, for being so quick to respond to "this week's menu." Shannon's Saving Simple blog obviously takes a more simple approach to the weekly menu and she hooked us up with this gemShannon's also let us in on who her sous chef is! Shhhh.... it's WHOLE FOODS!!! To shake things up a bit, you could try Central Market, Short Stop, Holy Ravioli, Eat the World, Civello's,  Eatzi'sSproutsCowboy Chicken, Kuby's....... Okay, I think you're catching on. And, I hope you have many more to add to our list in the comment section. For those of you who don't live anywhere near all of these fabulous options, don't fret. You can always try the "casserole day" plan as I mentioned the very first day I brought all of this up. Want to take that a step further? Skip Bunko one night and call it a girls night. Everyone bring their own foil pans. Split up the ingredient lists for a couple of recipes of a couple of casseroles. Split up the labor and do it assembly line style. Enjoy each other's company and stock your freezer for the month! That's what I call a productive girls night! Don't think the hubby will complain about watching football caring for your children that night! Stay tuned. I have a lot more to say on the subject of FOOD. Yes, I know you're surprised. Next time we chat on this, I'll speak to those of you who do like to hang out in the kitchen. I have lots and lots of goodies to share and LinkLove to spread...

Ohhhh.... I wanted to take a just a minute more to speak to the differences in our forms. Being the type A I am, I used a form very similar to Shannon's for years (even before kids). Not nearly as cute, but basically the same. In the past year, in learning more about myself and in striving to be more disciplined within our home (in hopes of saving what little bit of sanity I have left) I've learned that having several choices at breakfast and/or lunch (though they be consistent, healthy, and simple) does not work well for our family in the stage that we are in. So in a way, to you it may seem more complicated in the initial planning, but in the moment, having already made the decision is usually much simpler as it allows less room for discussion, distraction, and disaster. I'm so glad they are both here for you,now. Do what works for your family!!! Let us know how it goes!


  1. Love this form. Since we are only planning dinner and the grocery list!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thank you for your follow up post at Bella Kate's! So fun swapping battle plans :)

    Everyone, check out Jennifer's Blog: (linky on the left)


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