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So, this week I'm trying some new dinner ideas for my weekly menu, after being pointed to a new blog, Stone Soup and the free e-cookbook of  “minimalist home cooking”.  (Thanks, Fran the Vegeater.) All 65 recipes have no more than 5 whole-food  ingredients and no more than 10 minutes of preparation.  Definitely worth a 10 minute try and if it doesn't work out, the site's well worth checking out for the beautiful photos alone.  After a once over, the recipes seem pretty simple to execute and for the most part seem to include pretty basic ingredients that you likely already have in your cupboard. This download may also prove a big help to some of us coop-ers who don't have a clue what to do with some of those fabulous greens we get! Don't you just love it when its easy to do good things for your family? What are some sites or books/mags that inspire you in the kitchen? Food (whether it be nutrition, gourmet cuisine, or diet trends) is one of my favorite topics to um-research. Would love to hear your recommendations! 


Shannon said...

Just downloaded this e-cookbook and looooove the way it looks. I can't wait to try some of the recipes!

Jennifer Payton said...

Love the e-book...also I think you need to keep sharing your meal plan so we can get ideas!!

Julia Shelton said...

Jennifer - Sure, I can do that. Under 2 conditions.... 1. No judgement. We are by no means role models. We don't always do things the healthy way, we just get them done, you know. 2. You all chime in with things that work for you.... I NEED HELP TOO!!!!! So, on Sunday afternoon, when I finish planning for the week, I'll upload... now, between now and then, please, send me your ideas and I'll maybe I can work one into next week's plan! Thanks, friends!

Julia Shelton said...

Shannon - of course you would LOVE it!!! It's so SIMPLE!!!

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